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The following is a basic overview of the whole Air Transport Association of America, Inc. , (ATA) SPEC2000 E-Business specifications for Materials Management and what it means in time and expense for your company. The information is divided into 3 steps which relate to increasing sophistication and expense levels.

Through the years, we have found that each supplier at each evolutionary step, deals primarily with their own product and has limited knowledge of the "WHOLE" package.

Wagner Ideas has had more than 20 years of assisting small and large companies to implement SPEC 2000 to meet your needs and budgets, not the supplier's.

Our specialties are:

1. Assisting you in implementing SPEC2000 into your company, as quickly and cost effectively as possible. We can help you select software, install and train your staff on site.

2. Converting PC price lists or mainframe data to SPEC2000 format for companies that do not have the time and/or the personnel and/or the in-house expertise. This service is a time efficient method of converting your data at a minimum cost.

For example, if you are currently supplying a file of your current inventory to ILS (Inventory Locator Service), we can convert this data into a SPEC 2000 format file which can be sent to ATA (Continental Data Graphics). Conversion can typically be done within a few days. Our services are "made to order" meeting your exact requirements.

    Please do not hesitate to contact us for a free consultation.

(819) 321-1527   EDT   -   drwagner@wagnerideas.com
How to Contact us
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General Overview

"SPEC2000" is the term commonly used to refer to the specification developed by the Air Transport Association (ATA) in cooperation with the major Airlines of the world and other international agencies. This specification covers computer communication message formats, tape formats, bar coding and more. Sometimes this is referred to as EDI (Electronic Data Interchange).
There are currently three proprietary databases maintained by ATA Aviation Marketplace:

SPEC2000 - Procurement Database     (your price list)
SPEC2000 - Surplus Database / aka AIRS "Airline Inventory Redistribution System" - (your inventory)
SPEC2000 - Repair Database     ( your repair capabilities, FAA Repair Station)
Members of ATA Aviation Marketplace include airlines, distributors, repair/overhaul stations and manufacturers. Security or access to your database information is controlled by you, the member. A member can also select to be a "supplier" and/or a "customer".

At the moment there are approximately 148 "customers" and 216 "suppliers". There are over 50 major airlines receiving downloads from these data bases on a monthly basis and the number is growing daily.

SPEC2000 provides the format for a true EDI capability from quotes to invoices.

Internal cost savings are very significant when you consider this system is active 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.


Effective October 3rd, 2008

Effective October 3, 2008, ATA will no longer support ARINC/SITA access to the ATA Aviation Marketplace. ATA will continue to support online inquiries and updates via the Web interface, but ARINC/SITA access is being phased out due to limited usage and high support costs. If you would like to learn more about Web access, please contact ATA at 202-626-4039 or 800-375-9286 or at support@spec2000.com.

Editor's note: Although ARINC/SITA is being phased out, the basic concept of commuciation continues to exist through the internet. Therefore the following paragraph "Step 1" has not been deleted.

In certain areas of the world, ARINC/SITA can still be a preffered communication tool.

For a company considering joining this electronic community, the first step is to obtain a "phone number" on the aviation communication network.

There are two choices in North America - ARINC or SITA. Think of these as your local phone companies. Your calls are routed through either one without interruption. These companies will furnish a PC (personal computer) software package which has dial-up or web connect capabilities. You can define the dial up schedule.

The phone number to call for your "In-Mail" or to send "Out-Mail" is generally a local number. Again, like your phone company, you will have a monthly charge and usage charges.This network allows you to communicate with thousands of companies worldwide.

Once you have obtained your "phone number" and have set up the PC software package, you can begin to send and receive free form electronic messages worldwide.

This step will significantly reduce your fax phone line charges !

PLUS - Airline buyers truly appreciate this capability because most have access to this network on their own personal terminals.

ARINC can be reached at arinc.com
SITA can be reached at sita.com


Add a commercially available "SPEC2000" order administration software package(s) on your PC , LAN or Mainframe. There are several available and a "quick" list can be found on ATA website spec2000.com - choose support , then software.

Through the years, our experience has shown us that the SPEC 2000 order administration software packages developed and sold by Multilink is an excellent investment. Their performance and customer support is first class. Multilink website is located at: spec2k.com.

Once installed in your computer system and your personel are trained, you will have the capability of communicating, trading, and invoicing in the SPEC2000 Procurement database or Repair database (fixed form messages).

PLUS, you can assure your customers that you are up and running on SPEC2000. A great "advertising" tool for the sales department.


Become an ATA Aviation marketplace member.

Now you can list your products, prices and/or repair capabilities on their database(s).

PLUS you are instantly recognized as a serious player in the aviation business.

Each ATA Aviation Marketplace database does require an inititation fee and there are monthly charges which depend on the number of your part number records. If you wish to access the databases as a "customer" there is another initation fee for the same data base (exception - Surplus database - veiwing monthly charges only).

NOTE: Since Prices and Programs can change without notice, please contact the following personnel for current information. They will be pleased to send you a complete packet of information on their services.

ATA Aviation Marketplace - Phone: (202) 626-4000 Fax: (202) 626-4081 ARINC/SITA: WASMMXD     spec2000.com

ARINC - Phone: (410) 266-2194 Fax: (410) 266-2329 ARINC/SITA: HDQRGXA     arinc.com

MULTILINK - Phone: 44 (0) 1903-821-554 Fax: 44 (0) 1903-235-216 ARINC/SITA: BSHMLCR     spec2k.com

SITA - Phone: (770) 850 - 4500 Fax: (770) 612 -2265     sita.com

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